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CCC: La mitad?

CCC: La mitad? published on 16 Comments on CCC: La mitad?



Hace mas o menos cuatro semanas, quizá un poco mas, llegué a un punto muy importante en la historia de CCC: La ciudad de las Oportunidades. Hace ya mas de 9 años que empecé a diagramar la historia y como se iba a desarrollar, tenía un comienzo, un final y un sin fin de situaciones que iba a acomodar en la linea de tiempo, y hace un par de tiras atrás logré llegar al punto en donde todo lo tenía desarrollado.

Debo decir que muchas cosas que han pasado en la historia no las tenía planeadas y que las fuí incluyendo en la linea de tiempo , tuve que acomodarlas lo mas cercano a como lo tenía planeado y creo que logré hacer un buen trabajo pues hasta ahora no me he visto en la necesidad de darle un cambio dramático por que cambiase la historia principal.

Sin embargo fueron tantas las cosas que no tenía planeadas que llegué a este punto importante en donde tenía que decidir como proceder sin dejar agujeros en la trama y al mismo tiempo conectar la historia a mi linea de tiempo principal. No subí ningún comic en mas de un mes (creo) por que estuve re-escribiendo la historia principal y diagramando de nuevo estos cambios.

Apenas esta semana logré terminar de darle forma para poder continuar.

No se si supieron de un incidente por allá en el 2006, donde estaba animando un largometraje sobre CCC que se fué a la basura gracias a que formateé mal mi disco duro y perdí todo.. pues básicamente llegué al punto en la trama que iba a cubrir ese largometraje (CCC: El pico de Orizaba). Aunque todavía falta el arco de Rambután en la historia principal, creo que es posible que haya llegado, o al menos me estoy acercando, a la mitad de la historia.

Muchas gracias por haberme acompañado todo este tiempo (:


A few weeks ago, the main story of CCC: The city of Opportunities reached a crucial point. About 9 years ago I started developing the story and how it’d unfold, it had a start, an ending, and a lot of situations I came up in the middle of the timeline, a couple comic pages back I arrived to a point where I had everything ready.

I must say lots of things that had happened in the main story weren’t planned, I tried to stick them as much as I could to the main story I had developed, I beleive I’ve done a good job until now cause I haven’t had to make some uber changes to the main story to accomodate this.

However, with this many small changes it got to the point where I needed to re-establish some things in order to connect everything to the main timeline. I didn’t upload any more pages until I got this clear to make sure I didn’t leave any plot-holes and nonsense.

I have just finished doing that this week and now Im ready to continue.

I don’t know if you are aware or if you remember back in 2006 when I was working on an animated movie about CCC that was lost in a HD format fuck up I did.. well, basically I reached the part that the movie was going to tell, called CCC: El pico de Orizaba. Although the main story has not reached the Rambután arc yet, I beleive I reached, or at least Im close to reaching, the middle of the story.

Thank you for sticking around all this time (:


yo alla en el 2006 pensé que lo del disco duro fue escusa por no haber subido comic en harto tiempo jajajajaja xD.

ha sido genial seguir a Vinnie por la ultima decada (guau)

si bien han habido hiatos gigantes, el universo que creo bien vale la pena la espera xDDD

animo Vinnie, y será genial ver como termina tu obra, aunque te demores otra decada mas =)

I hope you understand that your works have helped inspire the imaginations of so many young children. I first saw your animations when I was 9 years old. And even though I’m 20 today, the adventures of CCC are still very vivid in my memory.

Thank you, and keep up the good work.

Brother you may get on kickstarter for this project, get new equipment and do some stretch goals for products, the ccc world you have created has a lot of potential for selling from the unique gear that exists there, or at least posters or t shirts that can easily be manufactured locally, Mexico has the potential man.

I would buy a T-shirt if any were made. Definitely. I’ve been meaning to get some more comic book T-shirts anyway. One request if you do make them though: don’t put the name of the comic on the T-shirt. In my opinion, it looks nicer as a shirt if it doesn’t have website links and what not on the shirt. Besides, if people were interested enough in reading the comic based on the T-shirt, they would just ask the person wearing it in the first place. Words are fine, but no website addresses or things like that.

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