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CCC: Pedro Lobo 2

CCC: Pedro Lobo 2 published on 10 Comments on CCC: Pedro Lobo 2


Muy bien, ya nomás falta un jalón, no puedo seguir diviendome entre CCC y Pedro Lobo por que voy muy lento, así que las próximas actualizaciones van a ser sketches de mis archivos.. con datos curiosos 😀

aguantenme un par de meses

Im close to finishing CCC: Pedro Lobo and I can’t update as frequently if Im going to finish anytime soon, so I need to work full time on the book.. as for now all updates will be sketches.. with random facts 😀

bear with me a couple of months


Ya think ya can scare me? HARHAR!!!
I was there when the Blastwave started, boy, some mere months, some mere years will do nothing to break me, ya hear? NOTHING!!!
Besides, who wouldn’t wait for something awesome as you(r comic).
Can’t wait to have that book in my hands. Harharhar

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