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chescos, means for an mexican expression “go downfor the sodas” that means like suck my **** but in a joker way, and sometimes accidents happens-…. hahahahaha LOL… el que sepa explicarlo mejor que lo esplique xD que buena estubo esta … hahaha

Ve por los chescos in Mexican ((mexican is a very different language from spanish, cause we are always joking :P))
means ((Suck my ****))
and,most of us, in highskool or elementary, do that sound when some1 picks something from the floor.
((it means its kissing ur ****))
and, when a woman gets to the floor, and some1 does that sound is sooooo funny! 🙂
jejeje ai ta pa los gringozzZ!
1kosa es mexicano, otra kosa es español.
jeje pura mamada
sobres, bye.
((no se porque me siento kmo si ztubiera firmando un Metroflog jajjjajajaja))


mad props to you Vinnie!
Lollerskates….. I tried to do that at school once(the whole kiss thing)
but everyone looked at me like i was retarded…oh well
Anyway, keep it up!

Ok….when I think about it there’s acutally another possiblity. Most likley the blond guy is taking that wanted poster, because he wants to know what she did and how much it’s worthing catching/killing her.
Now…if you image the sound the black guy is doing is meant to be the sound of a kiss…so he’s doing that most likley as a joke…it’s like saying “Oh…look at that guy getting excited by some girls picture lying around”…in other words he’s making it look like he’s picking up the picture with not so pure intentions. 😛

Mh…but there may be a completly other reason…I don’t know so much in-depth stuff about CCC. >_


when you are having sex and for example a gall is sucking your **** it make lake (no such kissing) but a kissing sound

this is a joke about it between lucio(the guy with black hair) when the blonde guy take the wanted paper
lucio is saying like, “you are sucking my ***” is making fun of him, like you are my b**ch (but not so rude)

if you tried to this out of México

1.- do it with your closer friends
2.- say something about it, like a joke, so they can understand that they just kiss your balls
3.- if they do it to you, just clean tour lips as you actually do it, o try saying something like “oh that great”(dont know, use your imagination)

that for you n.nU

Well I guess I was completly wrong there xD….but somehow the sound Lucio makes does not sound like sucking a di*k (a blow job like this would hurt) o_o….it really sounds more like he’s trying to imitate the blond guys trousers ripping….which would be funnier anyway (at least in my opionion)
Then again…different culture, different jokes >.

Hahaha, puts a smile on my face every-time I see it.  Especially the expression on the guys face at the end–priceless.  
I’m guessing this is before Vinnie learned actionscripting?  Even so, the quality is amazing, the movements are fluid, especially the expressions. 

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