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Vinnie eres uno de los mejores animadores que e visto en todo el internet

yo quisiera animar…
pero de porsi dibujo,con flojera pero dibujo y me gustaria que vieras mi trabajo ya que
te admiro
eres de lo mejor en la animacion, que se a sacado en mexico .
con un respeto muy grande…
me despido de ustedes

psd:soy el primero en postear este video

O.O WAAAAAO!!! Vinnie Veritas! He Amado tus animaciones desde que un dia remoto las encontre vagando por la net pero de verdad O.O! No entiendo muy bien por que pero me parece magnifica esta!!! se ha colado entre mis favoritas!! Gratz Gratz Gratz!! Tienes Muchisimo Talento!! Y Lo que Amo de tus animaciones es lo unica que son xD tienen esa magia que solo las consigo aqui =] no tengo mucho que decir xD! Hasta Luego!

hola vinnie
yo soy Near así me conocen muchos
te admiro mucho por tu trabajo y me gustan mucho tus dibujos quisiera
que vieras mis dibujos, quisiera que fueran casi tan buenos como los
tuyos,yo quisiera ayudarte a dibujar por favor ve mis dibujos vinnie tengo
varios de ellos en mi facebook me gustaria mucho k me agregaras en messenger
este es el mio espero poder chatear contigo
asta luego espero k leas esto adiós es un gusto conocerte

wow…es genial….desde que lo vi me quede de 0_o…contar la historia alreves, es genial e intrigante…tambien ¡¿por que la que la gravedad no funciona sobre el?…quien es icaro?…que pasa antes de su caida?,…. muere?….y los demas compañeros de la pedro lobo?…..que paso con cabo soda y esa guerra que pintas?….lazaro y luna?… y lucio-???……cada que entro (que no es seguido) tienes algo mas…algo bueno….desde que te vi por primera vez con la animacion de papalote en la pagina de (oscioso jjeje)….no eh dejado de seguirte el paso en tu pagina…lo unico malo es que te tardas un poco en subir o continuar el comic….pero no importa por que de todas formas checo je…en fin luego te mostrare mi trabajo,….lo estoy preparando desde hace un buen…y veo por que te tardas..ajajaja.. en fin me agrada la animacion…tu si sabes como mesclarla con una de tus historias y darle armonia…. 🙂

Increible, inspirador, fascinante, maravilloso, sublime hombre!!! eres genial!!! gracias por dejar a nuestros ojos deleitarse con tu trabajo, arte… siempre me deja soñando la manera en que le das alma a tus creaciones!!! sigue asi hombre!!!

Srry, se me resvalo el dedo….weno de nuevo….Wena animacion, que estilo que tienes, cualquiera que haya visto un par de animaciones tuyas ya esta en condicion de reconocer la tercera…esta animacion en especial no tiene desperdicio, buen y preciso tema, dura lo suficiente sin rellenos, en general, buen trabajo, algun dia animare, por lo pronto solo me queda estudiar….Saludos

I commented already on how incredibly amazing this is, how beautiful-but something just occurred to me. It was night when he went up into the air, and day when he came down. Assuming this is because he traveled a long distance while in midair, CCC must be _massive._

Obligatory =D

muy muy muy pero muy tocante ^^ en serio se nota bien bonito (no me gusta usar esa palabra xD) el flash… hubiera sido perfecto pero solo q fallaste en que en el universo no se le debe mover ni el pelo ni la ropa :p

si hubiera puntaje igual te daria 10 =D

Vinnie, the best flash artist so far. everytime wehn I see your flash videos, I escape in the CCC world. and you are the only one, who can do this to me so far! Your Art explodes from emotions, the Music fits perfectly to your flash…. how come that you aren´t that famous? You have my respect for sure! in my opinion, you´re way better than Dalí!

Greets from Germany

If you look at the pictures in the end, you’ll see how CCC is looks like:
_ _ _ _ _
/ town
/ _ _ _
/ /
| | space | |
_ _ _/ /
air /
Gravitation direction is going from Center (space) to the all ground space. So you can walk on the “walls” and “ceiling” (figuratively).

Ever since i saw your page, i haven’t stopped watching your vid’s time after time, they really have great potential, CCC would make a GREAT Game, the freedom and the randomness of it is perfect for teens and young adults, i will forever support your idea’s 🙂

First time I watched this I did not really understand what was going on and just ignorantly injoyed the great flash. Now that i have read the comic, i have a better understanding i think. So let me know if this is wrong. . . or these is no real explanation behind this xD. The main person in this (Either a drug dealer or random person with blue capsules that do something with your eye. But he has crossed the 78th (degree idk was kinda to make out what it was in the comic.) Clause and either A. Got his gravitation stuck upside down, or B. The capsules change your gravitation. Thus the police were after him for making the capsule’s illegally  or something else. Not entirely sure why he did not open his parachute, at least I don’t just think it is just some random flash in reverse any more. Any ways, just a small look on what i think is happening. Love the comic and your flash’s Vinnie. Moar update’s por favor!

Before reading CCC when I first saw this flash, the original one, I just thought it was ‘dreamy’… I mean, it was really something that made me dream, like, going in the air, then he catches what I thought was a fellow flyer (like, I know Vinnie likes to make these boy & girl cute love story video, thought it would probably be one of these again), happy face on and all. You did well at making me dream when I first saw it.

Then I saw the forwarded version on Youtube (just type Gravitaxis Forward Version on the Search Bar). I was never able to see this animation the same way again :< The guy is followed by guards, and (let me remind that at that time I didn't read CCC yet) uses his shoes to fly up in the sky according to me (well, CCC has a lot of awesome gadgets anyway :P), then a cop tries to catch him, he puts drug in her eyes (we can see she sees pink clouds and loses muscle control), then he just goes up and at a moment either the batteries in his shoes die, or he turns them off to let himself fall since he's followed by the police anyway. And at the end… he closes his eyes right before "splat". That was my second interpretation.

Then I saw his shoes have "Icarus" on it and saw an interesting comment. Could it be a modern/futuristic adaptation of Icarus' mythos. Thus he just went too high with his shoes and it stopped working ("burned his wings").

And then now I read CCC… hmm what could it be. As a comment below says, could he have crossed the 78th … degree/clause-thing? (never really got what it was, or what it did) I think it could be this. I have no clue. Then why does he restart falling and just dies? :<

These are the 4 interpretations I had of this flash over time (that means, yesterday… since I discovered it yesterday lol and read the whole CCC webcomic up until where we are now, all that yesterday too)

Anyway, one of the greatest animations I've ever seen. Makes you dream watching one side of it, and shocks you/makes you sad watching it reversed. Amazing. Though I can't really watch the original (backwards) one without thinking about how sad it is anymore, now that I've seen the forward version :<…

Amazing animation. I'm a big fan of your works Vinnie, both Astromiau and CCC. And all of your flashes. Wish I could get famous so I can pull you up even higher with me or something… I want your fanbase to get bigger, and make you accomplish what you REALLY want for CCC (I think you wanted to make a film at a time, right?).

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