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Otro fan de Yan tiersen???? ehh???? JEJEJE es la neta seeehhhh!!!

Tus animaciones son algo que verdaderamente no se ve siempre, los detalles aunque sean dibujos “simples” (entre comillas porque aun asi son chidos) son muy genialosos!!!!! Vaya que has de ser un tipo muy loko!!! ^_^


I’ve saw the comics from CCC and i was wondering if there is a version of them in english beause i don’t know spanish. The comics look great but it will be much better if i could understand what they are saying.
So is there a version of the comics in english?

Damn, if I knew how to read spanish, I’d totally read this entire comic from begining to end!
Honestly, Vinnie is THE Artist that inspires me to draw….
Good job! Keep up the good work!

Hopefully someday I’ll be able to read your wonderful comic!

If CCC was animated series, I would watch the fuck out of it. It would be my favorite series for sure. Vinnie, you really are the best! I have been following you for a long while and no one has been able to debunk you from my top place animator/graphic novel maker. You are like my inspiration for life. Vinnie Veritas for ever.

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