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ups!!! wey perdon apenas vi q tu tambien le pusiste “el carro que te come”, pero bueno es la neta, el nombre esta pesimo, hey se me ocurre q deberias de hacer un flash con este alejandro no se q madres, donde se meta a tu casa y te robe, despues una persecusion, y cuando lo atrapan todos los habitantes de ccc le dan en los huevos, jejeje… bueno se me ocurre, te dejo y ya veras q si se resuleve todo

Also, sux that a plagiarizer passed this work of art as his (or her, I didn’t get the full story) work. I hope you sue his ass good Vinnie; may the power invested in you by the laws of all of North America (including Canada [go canucks!]) help you become nigh omnipotent when crashing down wrath upon the asswipe that stole this. This’ll be the first time that I praise the RIAA and Intellectual Property Copyrighting.

Its so odd, I mean I love it, but its just odd. Probably why I like your work so much, its all random. You dont confine yourself to a set thing, you just mess around. As to the punching part, I know how that feels. Had that happen a few years back, when me and my little cousin threw water balloons at the girl I am now dating lol.

Carnal… eres la Oonda!!! tus dibujoOs estan bien chidos, de hechoO a mi me gusta dibujar… y dibuje varioOs hoy, como al tipoO de eres venenoO y aun chavoO ke de repente le salen alas… la neta me gustaria que me mandaras un dibujoO para copiarlo, ya k no tengo tanta creatividad…, jaja chido el video de asromiau jaja…!

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